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Pankration History

Did you know that Greeks were one of the earliest Countries to have developed and employed an empty Hand Combat system, that was also an event in the ancient Olympic games. This martial Art was known as Pankration, which was an Event Introduced to the 33rd Olympiad in 648 B.C.

The Hellenic race knew Pankration, over a millennium, before it was introduced to the Olympics in 648bc. It was used for military defense by the Spartans and other Greek Hoplite armies. It was also used to determine champions in athletic competitions. References to Pankration are present in ancient murals, art, and Greek writings

Pankration was and is a complete Martial arts system. incorporating element boxing, wrestling, kicking and submission techniques.

Key Points on Pankration

  • An Olympic sport introduced in 648 B.C
  • A Greek martial art stemming from midst of ancient battle fields
  • Ancient cup Ryton of Crete from the 1700-1600 b.C., represents a scene of Pankration
  • A modern sport with modern rules
  • Sanctioned by a Governing bodys to ensure sports man conduct
  • A Perfect Training system for MMA Events
  • Cannot hold on to what does not work in battle
  • scientifically sound combat applications that fit the human body
  • Reaction in accordance to the nervous system
  • Can be adopted by any person of any age or gender
  • A realistic approach to combat
  • Believed to be the first systematic combat art dating back 1000's of years
  • Believed to have spread through India than aisia through Alexander the greats conquest
  • Ancient murals and text show a distinct comparison to some of todays martial arts
  • Pankration pre-dates the earliest of most Oriental martial arts
  • Mas Oyama founder of Kyokushinkai Karate states that Pankration is the ancestor of Oriental martial arts.
  • There is no one developer of pankration
  • Pankration can uses a variety of martial arts and combat concepts to get the job done