Do not fight to conquer others, rather fight to conquer your limitations
  • Joined Martial Arts at age 9

  • Throughout all his training he did not miss a day of Martial artsr classes, in fact he received    many yearly awards for attendance.

  • Was Hapkido tournament champion for 7 consecutive years. (1988-1994)

  • He earned his Black Belt at age 14

  • At the age of 16 he started teaching 

  •  City of Calgary Greco-Roman champion and wrestler of the year (1992)

  • At the age of 18 he earned his 2nd Dan Black Belt

  • Started Training various Grappling arts to expand his knowledge

  • At 18 he also started teaching at Yoon's Martial Studio Part-Time while he was going to College 

  • At the age of 21 he earned his 3rd Dan Black Belt and also started teaching at Master Yoon's Studio on a Full-Time basis

  • 1997 graduated from Mt. Royal College in Marketing Management

  • At the age of 24 he received his 4th Dan Black Belt

  • in 2003 Became a certified personal trainer

  • At the age of 29 he received his 5th Dan Black Belt, which is his current belt.

  • In Aug 2006 he received the rank of Pankration coach beta Taxis (Level 3 coach) under Greek Pankration confederation of Canada under Paidotrivis Aris Makris Bobby coaches the Alberta pankration team, for more info contact Bobby

  • In Aug 2006 Bobby was also took part in the 2nd annual Pankration Championships in Thesaloniki Greece, and was as an assistant coach for Team Canada in this event

  • Pro MMA Coach

Bobby is always hungry for knowledge and knows that even though he is a dedicated and decorated Martial artist there is always more to learn. Bobby keeps an open minded approach to his training and will lend his ear to listen and learn about applications that will improve him as a martial artist. Bobby’s thirst for  knowledge will always continue,  in order to bring his students an unsurpassed level of coaching.

“Those who claim to know it all, will know nothing in the near future”

Bobby Triantafillou